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Joe's family owned and operated the original Meat Shop of Tacoma for 50 years. They were raising and selling organic meat before it became a corporate marketing term and were instrumental in crafting the original standards for raising animals organically in Washington State. Joe began working in the family business at about 14 years of age. Joe also enjoyed a period of his life as a rodeo bull rider and steer wrestler until he was sidelined by injuries and family obligations. There should be a show called "Everyone Loves Joe" because he is such a sweet person that it is true. With Joe what you see is what you get, no hidden agendas. Currently Joe works in the shop, starts and trains horses, raises cattle at his farm in Mossyrock and occasionally judges bull riding events.


Sona pulled Joe to Mossyrock in 1994 and they began to plan the family farm and meat cutting shop. In 1998 they opened Salmon Creek Meats while Sona continued to work as a heavy equipment operator with the Operating Engineers Local 612. About 5 years later she was able to join Joe in the business full time. She enjoys building fence for their horses and cattle herd as long as there is no one around to see her fall into the mud puddles and creeks which happens nearly every time she goes out to work in the pastures. She also enjoys spending time at the ocean, photographing everything and bragging about her daughter and husband who are some of the best people to spend time with.


Uriah is the daughter of Joe and Sona. She grew up on the farm raising the horses and cattle and has been instrumental in the success of the business. At the tender age of four Uriah ruminated to her grandmother that she had been, "workin' since I was three helping dad with the horses," and apparently was ready for her well earned retirement. Uriah is currently attending the Imaging Technician program at Wenatchee Community College. On breaks from school she still works in the shop, trains horses, and competes in barrel racing and roping events whenever possible. She has also spent many a night rounding up cattle who felt the need to jump the fences and take a turn around the neighborhood. Uriah is also an excellent hand at doctoring animals in the field and a very sweet, patient person when administering any kind of attention to humans or animals.


Jill Harrison is a firecracker. Jill is a can do person and devoted mother of two sweet young men and a darling baby girl. Jill has a kind heart and always has a great attitude and is game for anything we can throw at her. She has an infectious laugh and knows every word from every country song ever written. Jill also likes to hunt so if you see her out in the woods just give up and go home because she is skilled and will have the game dressed and in her rig before you know it walked through the woods. We are very glad she is on our team.


Liza was originally a customer of ours who raised very high quality pigs, lambs and poultry on her own farm. Liza had expressed a desire to learn to cut meat quite some time ago with the goal of eventually owning a meat shop. We are quite happy to have Liza working with us and gradually learning all aspects of running a functioning cutting room. Liza puts her head down, works wherever needed and gets the job done. Her sense of humor is very British: wry and dry and nuanced as a dirty martini. She has an infectious laugh, we feel really fortunate to have her as our apprentice and look forward to her path towards journeyman meat cutter and business owner. Liza also can chase cattle quite well.


We have known Val a very long time. He came to us as a customer but he is a jack of all trades. Val can cut meat, he is a carpenter by trade, a mechanic, can work on plumbing and electric components. Val graciously agreed to help us out this year part time. He is hilarious with a razor sharp humor and does not miss anything. It seems like Val knows everyone in Lewis County. We are so thankful for his company and for the hard work he does for us. He is also the father of the beautiful and smart Esperanza who is following in her father's footsteps of wit and intelligence. Val also raises cattle and has loads of fun chasing them down the road, too.


All photos used on this site were taken at our shop, from our property, our neighbor's property or in the Mossyrock area. We hope you enjoy the beauty of our area.

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