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Grass Fed Beef
Locally Grown Pork

BEEF          Available May/June depending on the weather.


We raise beef without antibiotics or hormone implants. They are fed local grass hay and processed in our meat cutting facility. We raise our cattle humanely in a low stress environment. We have never used chemical weed killers or any type of poison on our land in our 28 years living here.

Perhaps if you have determined that you are human and require water to survive it might be helpful to rethink any use of toxic chemicals of convenience that will always eventually seep into your soil and into the water supply. It all adds up.

Beef halves and wholes are $5.79/lb with a $200 and $400 deposit required before the butcher date is set.

You decide your cut with our beef cut sheet for halves and wholes. Any half or whole beef that is split into quarters will be charged the quarter beef price.

Beef quarters are $5.89/lb with a $100 deposit required before the butcher date is set.

The cuts are predetermined.

What's In A Quarter?
Quarters are standard cut and the cuts below are based on an estimated average hanging weight of 150 lb. which can vary.

These are estimated cuts of a quarter of grass fed beef.

In a quarter you can expect:

T-bone steaks 4-6 steaks
rib steaks 4-6
filet mignon 2-3
sirloin steaks 2-3
chuck steaks 2-4
top round steaks 2-4
cube steaks 4-8
2-3 packs of ribs
4 packs of stew meat
1 package flank strip steak
2 pot roasts
2 chuck roasts
2-3 boneless roasts; sirloin tip and rump
about 20 to 25# of burger
3-4 packs of soup bones or 2 packs dog bones

Beef halves are roughly double the above amounts.

PORK        Available year round.

We work with a select few local farmers that raise high quality pigs without antibiotics.

Pork halves and wholes are $5.79/lb with deposits of $100 and $200 required before the butcher date is set.

This price includes all curing/smoking of hams, bacon, and hocks.

You decide your cuts with our pork cut sheet for halves and wholes.

All cut sheets are in pdf. form on this website.

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